Hot rolled versus cold rolled versus cold finished versus cold drawn.

There is a difference!

Cold drawing of a grade of steel increases tensile and yield strength over cold rolling and hot rolling. Cold drawing also enhances straightness, size tolerance and surface finish. 

Just because a material is turned and polished or ground and polished doesn't mean it has been cold drawn and has higher strength.  Usually, bars that need to be ground and polished are cold drawn - but not always. 

Cold finishing can include cold drawing, turning, grinding, and polishing in various combinations.

Cold drawing increase strength.    Turning gets rid of surface imperfections.    Grinding narrows size tolerance.    Polishing enhances surface finish.

Click on any of these selections to view the typical mechanical properties and the size tolerances of steel bars in various conditions.

Mechanical properties of common grades of steel bars which have been COLD DRAWN
Size tolerances of COLD DRAWN and COLD FINISHED steel bars
Size tolerances of HOT ROLLED steel bars


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